A Special Place

For me, the interesting thing about Donald Tusk’s much quoted comment about a special place in hell, for those politicians who disregarded the safety of the people, is that as time passes on, the more intense his words become, as opposed to the vacuous comments of some of our UK politicians whose words are starting to sound sillier and sillier.

A special place

A little to the right sir,
go on a fraction more
yes, closer to the gallery
and further from the door
now move along there is still room
a few more left to come
stay on the right that ‘research’ group
(that look a little rum)
You could have been in outer space
along with Elon Musk
but now you’re sat beneath the earth,
consigned by Donald Tusk
The heat is on, but will you burn?
Can anybody tell
how warm it is where you will sit
– that ‘special place in hell’.

The special place won’t seem like hell
the irony you see
is that it caters very well
for characters like thee
that speak of times from long ago
before we had a say
in how our country got to vote
(and money held the sway)
the people’s vote, how meaningful,
the plebs you want to quote
whose minds you would manipulate
so you can get their vote
have voted with their minds today
and voted very well
to send you to that special place
– that special place in Hell.

The quality of hell
is not to subject you to flame
but rather, put you in a place
where no-one knows your name
where words are not allowed to flow
or trip off from your tongue
instead you must sit quietly
(and feel you don’t belong)
and watch whilst all your nemeses
pick up the mess you made
when sitting as an MP
in a job that was well paid
and for a change you’ll listen,
and you’ll listen very well
all day and through the night
whilst in your special place in hell.


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