Donald will not visit us.

State of the Nation Address.

Here is where we are at.

President Trump doesn’t want to come to Britain, because we are mean to him, unlike those nice people in Saudi Arabia. In all probability, we now qualify as a ‘shithole’. Perhaps he has a point? Think about the quality of our elected leaders and their marvellous achievements (short pause). If you want to do something that takes a long time, then have an accident and visit A&E.

It’s all Labour’s fault as you would imagine, I mean, how could it not be?

What has happened to statesmanship……that quality of being able to rise above the mire with dignity. How long before the penny drops in the minds of enough people, that it isn’t just your politics that makes you fit to govern, but your qualities as a person.

Our leaders are clinging to the coattails of a sociopath oblivious to the damage being done. Britain is now very grubby. That’s only one rank above shithole and further demotion is a real possibility.

Whatever happened to kindness and thoughtfulness?


Donald will not visit us
Isn’t it a shame
The lack of POTUS in our lives
Could drive us all insane
A statesman of his calibre
Not present on our shore
Removed the fun we could have had
Now life will be a bore.

A visit planned is now called off
He’s blamed it on the Brits
Who disrespect him when online
It’s given him the fits
A statesman of his calibre
Can’t take a bit of stick
Removed the fun we could have had
Reviling one so slick

The Boris says it’s all Khan’s fault
A popinjay no less
“And Jeremy as well, “ he said
“The left has caused this stress”.
A statesman of his calibre
Should set aside a bit
of time to think before he speaks
Or maybe he could quit?

Relationship so special once
Has hit the bottom floor
The Brit that Donald likes (Farage)
Can’t hack it any more
A statesman of his calibre
Just likes to take a wage
For ranting at his fellow men
Just right of centre stage.

Whilst poor old Theresa sits around
A dinghy on the wave
Being buffeted from side to side
A leader who’s a slave
A statesman of her calibre
Negotiating Brexit
Whilst calculating how much time
She’s got before her exit.

The thing about these populists
Is underneath the show
There is no substance to their words
No place where things can grow
For statesmen of their calibre
No-one will ever grieve
Let’s pray that they will understand
It’s time for them to leave.


Donald will now visit us
He’s trumpeted out loud
But staying in the countryside
Not heckled by the crowd
He won’t be going to London
Or thumping on the tub
Instead he’ll go to Scotland
and he’ll play golf at his club!


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