Drastic Plastic

As yet there has been no public outcry related to the potentially disastrous consequences of China’s recent decision to refuse take the UK’s plastic waste.

The minister of state responsible, MP Michael Gove, a usually hyperactive individual (at least when it comes to political game-playing) has admitted that it is an issue he hasn’t given enough thought to.

plastic is not a subject that leads to an MPs downfall in the way that a sex scandal might, but in reality, the sheer negligence and dire consequences of this ministerial blunder is breathtaking and he ought to resign (especially when added to his farcical U turn over Farm subsidies which will now enable existing millionaire & billionaire farm owners to continue to be subsidised by the tax payer until 2024!).

He deserves to be Clerihewed to mirror his key qualities (biographical/self-absorbed, short on substance, irregular, comic, slightly lame).

MP Michael Gove
Said, “on me it doth behove
To do something drastic
Now China won’t take our plastic!”

Take that!


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