Terrible twins

Theresa’s great Brexit victory!

Looking at comments in a number of media outlets (respectable and less so) with regard to the outcome of Theresa May’s latest Brexit negotiations, it might seem reasonable to conclude that both Michael Gove and Boris Johnson – the twin curse – are inveterate liars.

The generous side of me would say that their mastery of sophistry is such that they are able to fend off the accusation, but the price that is paid is that to all intents and purposes nothing they say can be believed as their revised arguments against their own earlier proclamations are so convincing as to cancel each other out.
In addition.
According to one paper, there are likely to be catastrophic consequences due to there being no plan B now that China will no longer process our plastic waste. Michael’s alleged response, “I’ve not really put enough thought to it” (my paraphrase)……… I wonder what you were busying yourself with whilst you weren’t doing your job?
Likewise Boris pottering about in Iran trying to undo the harm he’s caused through speaking without thinking.

Silver tongued and smooth
Mellifluous yet cruel
They offer lobster soup
We get a meagre gruel
Michael says “she’s won”
Boris will agree
The knives back in their sheaves?
We’ll have to wait and see.

They circle round each other
Like dancers or like dogs
One minute it’s balletic
Then pumps are changed to clogs
Their elegant headmistress
Has whip and chair to hand
The spectacle like circus
But nothing quite as grand

It’s not so much the lying
Or the mischief that they cause
It’s more the fact that others pay
Whilst they enjoy the pause
A woman in a prison
Our plastic being turned back
Their thoughtlessness when speaking
What qualities they lack!


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