Polls apart

Polls apart & polarisation.

Scottish Independence referendum 2014
To leave or remain in the EEC referendum 2016
The outcome of the US Presidential Election 2017
The situation between Spain and the region of Catalonia 2017

What do they have in common?
They are examples of situations that split the people concerned more or less down the middle.
The ‘democratic’ victors claim a triumph for democracy and that thereafter they represent the will of the people.
To me it shows a failure to create the level of common ground necessary to make democracy work and it leaves a high level of grass roots discontent simmering away that is corrosive.
The residual politics then does not represent the thing(s) that were voted on thus giving a poor outcome for most of us.
Democracy in any real sense is arguably failing the general populace as the power to make the decisions that fundamentally affect the way we live resides with big business, particularly the tech companies. Our choices are subtley led by ‘nudge’ psychology and the appeal of novelty.
The politicians are left chasing the curve not leading it.
The lives of the super wealthy remain largely untouched as they can live anywhere they choose, move at any time and rise above any localised squabbling. They do not appear to have to bear the consequences of their actions in the way that most others do.
History is littered with examples of similar situations that do not end well by and large.
A phrase comes to mind…..” be careful what you wish for, lest it come true”.


We try to hold the democratic dream
But things are never quite the way that they are shown or seem
The truth is sifted through a mirrored sieve
Distorting and reflecting what we have or might well live
Until the day when votes are cast to say
How things will go
and all the rubbish of our past will melt away

What is this,
the promises you made
Are not fulfilled
and what were once our dreams get laid
And layered in a fog that casts a pall
That blights the air and offers less to one and all
That life moves on, and must, is surely true
But wouldn’t it be better if the benefits were felt by most not few

My voice is weak
it is the voice of one
Who feels let down the victim of a systematic con
That seeks to make us feel we’ve had a say
When really all the things that happen
are designed to go that way
By those who execute decisions that affect our lives each day

I cannot wish for more as life for me
Sits in a boat whose keel rests on a sea
That chops and swells and sits within a tide
In such a way that I remain
inside a current that can lift
Or fall but not cast me adrift
And offers up a harbour which provides a place to hide
But safety only comes if I sit quietly inside


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