Erectile Dysfunction

Listen to the rhetoric between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Either they mean what they say (in which case we are f*****) or they don’t (in which case what is the point of all this b*******).

Either way, neither seem fit to take on the responsibility for the well-being of their respective nations, or the rest of us who will undoubtedly experience the fallout.


For those who may be warmongers
The angry and the silly
You’ve been outdone as Kim Jong Un
Stands playing with his willy

The ruler of a roguish state
Once measured very well
But now the inches shrivel
As the words he blows out swell

He has a new protagonist
A man whose little stump
Attaches to the bloated head
Of Yankee Doodle Trump

Their dicks slam on the table
So that all the world can see
The ‘rocket man’ and ‘dotard’
Screech “don’t mess around with me”

The problem seems to be that when
Each to the other calls
They gladly show their thrusty bits
But hide away their balls

The balls are with the quiet guys
And women who can tell
Each of these fools their time has come
They’re on the road to hell.

I’d put them in a room alone
Let’s see them when unclad
As they stand bare it’s clear to see
That both of them are mad.

“The checks and balances are there”
We’ve trod this road before
A thousand times in history
The glory and the gore
But this time will be different
As these two seem hell bent
Their rhetoric makes it quite clear
They’ll not stop til they’re spent
A quiet word to each of you
We’ll not care what you’ve said
Cause if you do the things you say
Then we will all be dead.

ps. No idea who the illustrator is, but thanks for the inspiration.


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