In the same time period that it was reported that the McCann investigation (currently running at about £10,000,000 is seeking clarification over a further extension of funding, there is a news item about Andrew Gosden (never heard of him, I hear you say) a young boy who disappeared in London about 10 years ago.
Andrew is one of a number of missing children who have had next to nothing spent on their investigations by comparison to the McCanns.

Every effort should be made to find missing children, but by the same token there has to be greater equality about the distribution of resources to do so, otherwise we are tantamount to saying that some children are worth more than others in these situations. Or, more likely, the more articulate and able to engage media/political support you are, the more assistance you will get. Who speaks up for the forgotten children if their parents aren’t amongst the favoured ones?
Spare a thought for all the missing children and their families.

I woke up one day
In a place that was not mine
I am adopted now
There was no option to decline
I’m not being sought
They have no time
At least I am alive


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