Trump inspires village show

I haven’t penned much recently due to other priorities, however, the world doesn’t stand still.
The good news is that a limerick competition at a local horticultural show drew record entries
for limericks with the opening line….
There once was a President called Trump……
You can perhaps imagine the number of anal references.

Of interest to me is the fact that no other president of the US has become so ingrained in the psyche and minutiae of people’s lives in the U.K.
No one can accuse him of inducing political apathy.

I didn’t enter the competition as the limerick I wrote didn’t conform to the exacting standards of this event’s organisers; preferring six syllables where they wanted five.
However, this is my blog so I can post what I like.

There once was a President Trump
Who found that his throat grew a lump
(Made from swallowing bile
After every false smile)
So he’s chosen to talk from his rump.

Incidentally, this is not Fake News… this has happened.
The leek in this post was not attributable to Trumps own tweets as is usually the case, but grew out of an allotment in the U.K. It is being closely monitored for future leeks.


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