I lifted this directly from the BBC news website.
I have removed the gentleman’s name just in case the police comply with his request…… (interestingly, the news item was removed from the BBC News website only hours after posting it.I can’t find any trace of it now, other than on the link I saved!).

“A fugitive has asked police to take his mugshot off their wanted appeal – because he says it’s “unflattering”. The picture shows xxxxx posing for the camera looking wide-eyed and staring intently. It was posted on the South Wales Police Facebook page where it was spotted by self-conscious xxxxx, who asked for officers to take it down.”I’d appreciate it if you’d take this post down. “I’ve spoken to my solicitor and they will advise me what to do next. Thanks.” “
Although he is being sought for alleged involvement in an assault, I was struck by the level of politeness that he employed and the sense of mystery that now surrounds the story. The accompanying image is a rather unflattering close up of me.


I’m awol at the moment
the police are on my back
The questions I am facing
Relate to an attack

The public are alerted
My picture’s in the news
But the image they have chosen
Has given me the blues

I can’t believe the photo
My eyes are open wide
They even chose an angle
That picks on my bad side

The problem is with Facebook
That if you’re filled with strife
The footprint that you leave behind
Stays with you all your life

So here’s an offer policemen
Just break into my room
And choose a nicer photo
That shows that I can groom

I can’t stay loose forever
I’m running out of time
Cause staring at that photo
Could cause another crime.


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