Pardon me

The great ‘deal maker’ remains thwarted on all fronts.

Looking at the editorial of the FT weekend – 22/7/17, it would appear that an interesting phenomena is underway in the mindset of American investors. It would seem that they are having a punt on the fact that Trumps government via tweets are nothing more than hot air, and that one of the emerging features of his period in office is inaction.

Essentially, the policies of the Obama administration have become the default position.

I find this ridiculously funny! One of Trumps defining characteristics has been to push the boundaries of irony in politics.

Even Trump’s handshake (the one thing he should be in control of) is a hostage to fortune.
As I’ve said before, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

On another tack, it also appears that he might be contemplating the wide range of powers he can exploit in the area of pardons. Apparently other presidents have used these powers in the past (Nixon received a pardon) but Trump intends to take them to a new level!
The upshot could be that should he or any of his entourage be found guilty of colluding with the Russians during the election campaign, then he can just pardon everyone including himself – no problem!
Pardon me if I keep picking on ‘The Donald’, but no other world leader is leaving themselves so wide open to parody. It would be neglectful not to point these things out.
On a serious note, the US might well now find itself having to re-write some of the Constitution as it is clearly susceptible to abuse.

Pardon me.

I have a wondrous power
A constitutional gift
If you do a ‘bad’ thing
Then I can heal the rift

A presidential pardon
Provides me with a tool
To forgive you your transgression
Each time you break a rule

There is no upper limit
Forgiveness comes each time
If you’re a family member
You can’t commit a crime

Because the Power’s pre-emptive
The pardon is admitted
Forgiveness comes – its in advance
Before the crime’s committed

Not only friends and family
Enjoy good peace and health
Should Donald choose to sin a bit
He can forgive himself

Oh! To be a president
A man who can’t be wrong
With this great gift make no mistake
The US will stay strong

There’s only one small problem
A blip that I can see
If he reads this I rather doubt
That he will pardon me.


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