The Magic Money Tree

The Magic Money Tree

The Magic Money tree was small
A sapling, hardly there at all
Then one day there was a fight
That brought the tree into the light
The question then being plain to see
What kind of monied fruit there’d be?
…….Once we’d paid the DUP
……..public sector pay now free
……..Winter fuel, yes let’s agree

There doesn’t seem to be a limit
The tree keeps sprouting from within it
In fact each day a bill arrives
The more they come the more it thrives
The upper branches now so high
Our magical Leylandii
……..It doesn’t even have to try
……..It’s blocked out light from in the sky
……..So what will happen by and by?

Labour, Lib Dems, Greens all frozen
Where’s our tree? It has been stolen
Its moved from living in our stories
To the garden of the Tories
Audacious theft or market freedom
The tree’s in hell, or is it Eden?
……..Get its seeds and try to breed ’em
……..Forget the workers we don’t need ’em
……..They will follow where we lead ’em

Austerity a catch-phrase nothing more
Our debt’s now bigger than before
Dissolve the message candy-coat it
Add some spin and quickly bloat it
Corbyn’s off the hook with May
Gove and Boris joined the fray
…….The pair of them won’t go away
…….A wounded PM now their prey
…….Magic money paves the way

What will happen wait and see
As chaos reigns around the tree
Bleed it dry, chop down and burn
Or share it well give all a turn
The Magic Money tree looks sad
It knows the arboretum’s bad
……..The surgeon is a proper cad
……..The harvester is Jack the lad
……..The lot of them are going mad

Poor Theresa sits and contemplates
I’m sure we all agree
She wishes she had never said
About the Magic Money tree.



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