A dearth of diet drinks!

Where have all the diet drinks gone? Not the pubs, that’s for sure.

There has been much publicity about the causal relationship between processed sugar and the rise and rise of type 2 diabetes plus the increased prevalence of obesity.
Put this with the notion that anyone who goes to a pub who is driving a vehicle should either eliminate or severely restrict their alcohol intake. Add this to the notion that pubs claim to be hard pressed to survive these days, and you would be forgiven for thinking that there is a strong market for a wide choice of non-alcoholic ‘diet/sugar free’ drinks to be served in pubs and restaurants.
Well there is, as any supermarket will testify. However, go to most pubs and you are offered water, Diet Coke or diet tonic water. Come on landlords and landladies, it’s a ‘no-brainer’!
How is it possible for simple win-wins like this to get overlooked?
Oh! And whilst I’m at it, why is putting ice in a drink the default position?
Remember, without the driver you don’t get the drinker!

“I’ll have a beer.” “Thank you.”
A choice from the pumps that are rife
“What do you offer as sugar free drinks?
I’d like to buy one for my wife.”
“Well, there’s Diet Coke”.

“Come come you have to be joking,
Surely you’ve more choice than that?”
“Sorry sir, I was forgetting,
we’ve water that’s sparkling, or, flat”.
“And slimline tonic”.

Pub after pub I have asked for
A sugar free drink for good health
And alcohol free for the driver
When shopping there’s always a wealth
I’ve asked this all over the country
I’ve asked it wherever we roam
I hope there’s a change in the future
Or we’ll stop in and drink ours at home.


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