May our days be certain.

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for offering us certainty.

I believe we could have had considerably more certainty if the Conservatives had not done some of the following:

had a referendum on Leaving the EEC (ps- if you had stuck to your principles as a “remainer” it would also have forestalled your rather disastrous premiership).

had an unwarranted general election (ps… all you had to do was get on with things, you had an election manifesto and referendum vote to guide you).

Wasted money which could have been invested in public services (bill for referendum + general election approx £300,000,000? Or thereabouts). You and your party have had oversight of a non productive monumental waste of resources – financial and human.

encouraged  European migrant workers to head off with both a loss of tax revenues, and the creation of a skills gap in their wake

Sidled away from your fellow European leaders when they rebuked Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change.


Kind regards,

(one of the electorate, who, according to one of your parliamentary colleagues, got it wrong – ps. I love that, you call the election, but we were the ones that got it wrong, because the outcome was unsatisfactory, nice one!).



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