A Well Hung Tory!

My new collective noun for Conservatives is:
a ‘muddle’ of dunces.
Defined as those who want everything, and end up with nothing without regard for the vast majority who have to suffer the consequences.
Thankfully, the popular press who back them no longer wield the power and influence they once had, as the more fluent and wider reaching voices on internet platforms hold sway.
Behind the times and behind the curve, the ‘muddlers’ muddle on!
The one great thing that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbin have in common is the ironical fact that for both of them their most vociferous critics lie within their own parties…. who needs enemies with friends like that?
Can the rabble find their feet and their voice – more importantly can they now do their sums. Watch out when they can!
It’s funny how in a world as complex as ours, reading, writing, and arithmetic can still hold sway and we the voters can still figure out when things don’t add up.

The Muddlers’ Lament.

She put her policies on the table
billing them as ‘strong and stable’
The Daily Mail had got her back
So strutting forth She did attack

The rest – were cast as those who gabble –
Childish fools, a proper rabble
No press to back them, none to call
Just parasites who had to fall

A fearsome voice, a grating squawk
To lead the way – a Brexithawk
A Boudicca the Brits can love
Strong and stable – not a dove

Whilst Jeremy a left wing wimp
A castaway whose voice was limp
A target soft, a man to harrow
She the hawk, and he the sparrow.

Seize the moment seize the day
The battle cry of Theresa May
“So what went wrong” the press repeat
“To win the war, yet face defeat?”

The hiccup came – a twist beware!
A U-turn made on Social Care
She didn’t think it meant a lot,
Dementia tax won’t be forgot!

The irony cannot be lost
That leadership comes at a cost
For having won the largest quotas
The ‘spinners’ say May lost the voters!

How strange that ‘Jezzer’ did prevail
He caught Theresa by the tail
And as they all plot in their huddle
The rest of us live with the muddle

The turmoil grows the fingers wag
Some puff their chests whilst others sag
All this can change in just a day
I’m sure that’s what the Muddlers pray!


Here’s a thing we might debate
Is Jeremy the man to hate
He is portrayed as one who’s feeble
The man I see is like a Weeble.



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