Treason or reason?

It would appear that Donald Trump doesn’t quite get the niceties of the spying game (see independent i and other news sources 17/5/17 – “Trump unapologetic after Leaking secrets to the Russians”).
Spying and intelligence gathering is a delicate craft that relies on the subtle application of carefully garnered information.
Using the information you have to establish ‘ bragging rights’ isn’t the done thing.
At least it didn’t use to be.

Treason! …….. Not if you are Commander in Chief!

The ballad of an impetuous man in a very important job.

“I’ll tell you a secret
But tell no-one else
The reason being simple of course
The knowledge is special and if it leaks out
Will lead everyone to the source”

The source is an agent
We’ve had him in place
Some time and his cover is deep
But as is the case with a spy in the fold
A wolf who is clothed like a sheep

He’s fragile as being so privy to things
That only a few have the right
If what we have told you is scattered abroad
Our man will be forced into flight

His life you’ll imperil
The message will out
That you don’t have proper regard
For all of the sacrifice we have to make
Including our lives being hard

“Oh! Bollocks to that ”
The president said
“What point is a secret that’s kept?”
“I’ll give it away to my spurious friends
So they don’t think that I am inept”

“I’ll trumpet it loud
– to the Russian’s I think –
They’ll know what to do in a day
Especially as I can’t get on any more
With my boys in the CI of A”

It’s strange how the acts
Of a braggart with power
Can alter the lives of a mass
Intelligence gleaned from a friend turns to mush
Let’s pray that this era will pass


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