Disunited Airline


The FT weekend has just carried the popular story of Dr. Dao, a Vietnamese-American passenger on a United Continental flight departing from Chicago airport (FT Weekend 15/04/17).
Fundamentally, it would appear that when seats are overbooked (a common occurrence by all accounts) then excess passengers are initially enticed to leave.
If there still isn’t enough space, then they can be randomly chosen to leave, if they still won’t give up their seat (bearing in mind that in the case of Dr. Dao he had paid for his ticket and had already boarded the plane!) then you can be physically ejected!
Sounds incredible doesn’t it? You couldn’t make this stuff up.
Having assaulted a fee paying passenger, insult is added to injury by offering a lame statement of denial, preferring instead to say that Dr. Dao was “re-accommodated”.
What were the PR personnel thinking?
Watch out for a coincidental piece of common wisdom that is also doing the rounds, whereby concern is being expressed about how the executives of the corporate world seek to replicate themselves when hiring, leading more and more to the phenomena known as ‘group think’ (self vindicating philosophy and behaviour – i.e. This creates the potential to lose one’s moral compass, or even any sense of sensibility).
It is starting to look like industry and commerce are truly being led and managed by people who are monumentally stupid masquerading as an indispensable intelligentsia.
Whatever next?

Whilst on a plane the other day
(I don’t know which or where)
I got concussed so I’ve been told
The blood’s still in my hair.

It seems that space was very tight
The seats they were too few
And four of us were asked to leave
to make way for some crew

The party line so I’ve been told
(the story is belated)
I wasn’t dragged or kicked or punched
Just “re-accommodated”

The staff who smashed my teeth were clear
(Despite those who had seen)
That they had toed the party line
Their consciences were clean

Is the airline bothered?
Their share price fell then rose
It doesn’t seem that online rage
Keeps business on its toes

The simple truth is corporate power
Is now beyond compare
Consumer choice (Well that’s a joke)
Is getting somewhat rare

Let’s hope that there is someone there
Who truly gives a damn
Else anyone could be the next
sacrificial lamb.

(illustration … Mixed Messages. Courtesy of mrwildblog.


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