Trump Towers!

State of the Nation Address.


In the course of a few months, Donald Trump has berated his own law enforcement and intelligence agencies and those of “friendly” powers.
He is constantly trying to belittle Europe – his best global ally – and has criticised the Democrats, rather than his own Republican Party, for not supporting his attempts to legislate! All news except his news is “fake”, and even Rupert Murdoch is allegedly turning on him! When he fires vague threats at his real and perceived enemies (anyone who disagrees with him) his aides claim he is only joking.
He does not appear to have a grasp of either strategy or operational detail. In short he seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
The historians of the future will be simultaneously aghast and spluttering with laughter at the debacle that is now American democracy. The sobering thought is that he seems genuinely wedded to the idea of governing via Twitter, even though 140 characters is clearly too many to carry his core message. Satirists must be fuming, because you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. What happens next? Anyone’s guess.
God bless America…… God help us all.

Who shall I pick on next
(only joking).
What shall I say today?
Let’s have a rant on Twitter,
the best way to have my say.
The most powerful man on the planet
Should be coolest when taking the heat
Resorting to fighting by shouting
Insulting us all with a tweet.
His actions are causing the dollar
To wobble and set for a fall
America first is his war cry
(that and him building a wall)
Ironic that having gained power
He does what he can to get canned
As each day there slips through his fingers
His standing like oil mixed with sand
So Donald please take up my pleading
To ease off the Twitter you love
Remember you govern the US of A
A President towers above.


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