Re-birth of a dilemma

News….China agitated over the prospect of the Dalai Lama making a visit to Tawang.

The FT Weekend (a paper I like as it reports news rather than trying to make it) has carried a story about the Chinese Government’s efforts to ensure that they, rather than the Dalai Lama, should determine who the next incarnation will be. Given that the official position of China as a state is atheist, it makes it all the more ironic that they would publicly get so agitated about a religion that ought to appear to be nonsensical to them. It would be similar to a person who was vehemently against marriage insisting that they preside over wedding ceremonies!
The world is full of oddities.

Is it just me that finds it strange or is it just bad Karma
The way that China gets so vexed about the Dalai Lama
As atheists, then one would think, they’d not begrudge one fated.
To live a life for evermore from being reincarnated.
I’d like to think that atheists (who have no clear religion)
Could smile a bit at those who do (if only just a smidgeon)
Yet here we have them getting stressed as Dalai’s time comes due
They want to say who takes his place, they’re in a right old stew.
The irony cannot be lost that there should be such drama
That communists and atheists should choose the Dalai Lama.


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