Sound over substance

The harsh and abrasive speakers in the world have been in the ascendant recently.
Their harsh words seem to have bred harsher words. Determined and deftly spoken words have a more beneficial impact in the long term. Anger is a necessary emotion, but it can’t live in isolation. There are some people in public life who could do us all a favour by piping down ……. you know who you are!

Remember …. a monotone drone will leave you alone! You have been warned.

Ludicrus Politicus.

Ludicrus Politicus spoke very posh
A high Roman Senator loaded with dosh
Some of his words left his friends feeling cold
For he could be hurtful and often too bold
To say he was pompous would not do him proud
When expressing in language his voice was so loud!

Like chewing on gravel the noise as he spoke
His crunching of vowels, well, his eyes you could poke!
So Ludicrus came to mean something that’s bad
Depicting a man who was branded a cad
And Ludicrus found that to hurt without thought
Meant his name was a pun and his acts were a tort

So watch what you say, both the how and the why
Be thoughtful and mindful and never be sly
Choose tones that are soothing with volume pitched low
Give succour and comfort then reap what you sow
Pick words that are kind and give joy to the heart
So that your reputation will not fall apart


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