Ben & Glen

The sheer beauty of the Scottish highlands can make the world stand still for a few moments. These were my thoughts on the train from Rannock to Mallaig.

Ben & Glen
Ben and Glen were brothers
They were like chalk and cheese
For Ben preferred the mountain tops
And Glen preferred the trees.
They’d set off for a morning walk
To go their separate ways
As one went up the hillside
and the other down the braes.
Young Ben was at his happiest
The summit was his dream
Whilst Glen was in his element
when paddling in a stream.

Ben he was the eldest,
brought up in storm and fire,
Whilst Glen came on behind him
When Ben began to tire
Like signets they were ugly
Their features were unformed
But over time each softened
‘Til both of them transformed
The final touches made them
The wind the ice the rain
And though each one was different
Their beauty was the same.

So when you see a mountain
Or wander down a stream
Remember both the brothers
And all the life they’ve seen
Enjoy the simple pleasure
Whatever is the season
And if the brothers warn you off
You know they’ll have a reason
Take time to get to know them both
Their downs and then their ups
Then toast them for the life they give
A dram to fill your cups.


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