Truth & Lies

We seem to be living in a world driven by the new(ish) phenomena of ‘false news’ and ‘alternative facts’. A prior phrase from years ago was ‘economical with the truth’. I have just read Tim Harfords excellent article on, ‘the problem with facts’,  in the FT Weekend magazine – 11/3/17…food for thought…….

Truth & Lies

Why are lies successful?
What is truth or lie?
Lies do not seem to need a fact
It makes me wonder why?
The human brain is funny
It can do stupid things
As when it comes to doubting lies
Alarm bells seldom ring

The opposite is very weird
As when we know the facts
The truth’s is always put in doubt
Though evidence is lax.
It seems our brains are wired
To filter out the truth
Instead we choose what suits us
Despite the contrary proof

It all boils down to thinking
-This notion is quite quaint! –
Most people will not rock the boat
It makes their legs go faint
It takes a lot of courage
To stand up to a liar
But here’s a reason why you should
A lie will quickly tire

The truth is hard to reach sometimes
The journey has some pain
But strength grows in the curious
And has the greater gain
The world is full of non – sense folk
Some giants and some gnats
Who only look at what they want then jumble up the facts

It happens on the world stage,
but also daily life
It might be a close person
Whose tongue is like a knife
The thing they have in common
Is the evidence they chew
What is the reason for this…..
To bend you to their view.
Mr Wild


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